Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ensure your Nissan S Cargo is set in History.

We're searching the world to create the largest picture gallery of nissan s cargo's. Whether your in Southampton or San fran sisco send us you picture by posting or email with some brief info and we'll add them to our Nissan S cargo Hall of fame and your van will be part of history.

Welcome to the brand new Nissan S Cargo Blog


Nissan S Cargo's are such a loved Japenese vehicle that this Blog has been created for them.

Whether your an admirer an owner you can get involved. Do you have S cargo story's, pictures, do you use it for your business, what ever you do let's try and create a collection register.

Are you having trouble getting hold of spare parts, do you have spare parts for sale, this Blog could put you in touch.

I'm just in the process of getting one going for a business which I'll reveal in a later post, but to give you a hint of what's to come, it's been in the garage for a lot longer than i ever imagined!

But It'll come out in fine form and looking superb.

Would you like to contribute?? Please send a post and I'll set you up.

More to come soon...