Sunday, November 19, 2006

Never assume anything....

This Saturday saw the maiden voyage in my S-Cargo as i ventured into Sudbury, Suffolk after a lengthy spell in the garage. Still nervous that things wern't 100% all seemed to be going well until i reached "the" major T junction on the edge of Sudbury, sitting waiting to turn left and with a stack of traffic behind me i gently eased my foot onto the throttle pedal, i squeezed a bit harder and my heart sunk as the engine died, no mater how hard i pressed the pedal it just stopped.
The traffice queue seem to suddendly grow by a mile, drivers peering from there windows in a very stressed state meerkat, while i turned the engine over and over and over in a vein attempt to get started and off the T junction.
I checked the fuel guage, looked ok, just off empty, ok, hazards on, get the phone out, who'm i going call??
A very helpful chap offered to help me push the cargo back off the junction so that Sudbury could return to traffic normality, they don't do queue's!
After much under bonnet searching and checking and rechecking of leads, coil, cables etc, it had to be the petrol. Luckily a friend of mine came to the rescue we went and got some petrol, tipped it in and wham, off she went!!!
Never assume, I should have known better, so empty is when it's on the quarter mark, fair enough now i know!


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