Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snakes and Ladders

It's been a pretty bumpy ride so far but where on a journey that we can't stop until we get to our destination. Chucking it all in now? That would be too easy and who would take care of our loved one? I almost take more care of the cargo than the children, but i know and so do the children that it's going to be worth it, isn't it kids? They knod agreeingly, they're a bit young to understand yet but i think on side!

This week should have been the one that our Coffee business took "one giant leap for the cargo" and one more step for me! I'd arranged to take the cargo along with my business partner to Elmswell just north of Bury t Edmunds, suffolk to see a company called Coastline Graphics who create phenomenol vinyl wraps of vehicles to create a wrap for our van which as you can imagine would transform it almost beyond recognition.

The meeting went really well, James the designer had some great ideas, the straight sides made the project reasonably simple and helped with the cost. So now all we had to do was agree the design and book it in. We left it at that and sped off, sorry, trundled off back to Long Melford, with the small task of picking up a couple of christmas trees on the way. (yes i know "christmas trees, they were for putting on a building, not for our living room!)

The journey back was a very upbeat one, "i can't wait", "it's going to look amazing" "this van is going really well isn't it" We we're on a high, at last we were actually getting some where.

We pulled into Long Melford and stopped to collect the trees which we were only moving down the street, we could have walked really. So i turned off the engine and waited whilst my colleague went into get them. They fitted in the boot lovely, just the job, couldn't have been more prefect. "off we go then" I put the key in and turned the ignition...............clunk........clunk.....ohhhhhhhhh we go........ not again..... back down the ladder!


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