Monday, November 20, 2006

Why is it allways a monday morning?

I can't remember learning so much about a vehicle since leaving school and my first car, a mini. I knew nothing about that car or any cars when i got it, but slowly i got to know every nut every weld every flake of rust.
The learning curve with the cargo is much steeper, and having lost the mechanical touch and a unwillingness to get oilly my local garage has taken a share of my bank account, but now i can get the vehicle straight in with out a wait!
having just got the cargo back on saturday and bean through that escapade i decided that this morning i would just take it to a small gargening job and show off!
but first i had to move it to make way so my wife could get out. No problem i'll be just a tick, confidently inserting the key and turning it over and over and over!
After pushing it back i booked back my usual space at the garage and set off for work in my other "reliable" truck.
Turns out there's a few electrical problems and a faulty relay was affecting the automatic choke keeping it full on. But boy does it go now!!
Just another monday morning, what will Tuesday bring a scary 20 mile trip to a graphic design centre to transform the cargo, i can't wait.


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