Monday, January 01, 2007

Bizzi Beans launches new mobile nissan s cargo coffee van and website

It's a happy new year to you all and a Happy new Year for Bizzi beans coffee, who are making a splash in Sudbury Suffolk, UK. The new mobile coffee service will be greeting commuters at Sudbury railway station each weekday morning starting at 6.10am. for more information see there new website

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nissan S-Cargo Specifications

Production Information
Produced only for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).
12,000 units produced from 1989 to 1994.
Price of new car in Japan (in 1989): ¥1,250,000 JPY (approx. £5,200, $12,000 CAD, or $10,200 USD).

Body typeKei class delivery van
Number of doors3
Seating capacity2 persons (plus 2 with folding rear seat - no restraints)
DriveFF (Front engine, Front wheel drive)


Engine modelE15S
Engine typeinline 4-cylinder, 8-valve SOHC
Displacement1487 cc (90.742 cu in)
Unitary capacity371.75cc per cylinder
Max. power (Net)73 PS (72.0 bhp) (53.7 kW) @5600 rpm
Max. torque (Net)116 Nm (85.4 ft-lbs) (11.8 kg*m) @3200 rpm
Specific power48.4 bhp/litre (0.79 bhp/cu in)
Specific torque78.01 Nm/litre
Power-to-weight75.79 bhp/ton
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel system1 carburetor
Compressor typeN/A
Catalytic converterYes
Bore76.0mm (2.99 in)
Stroke82.0mm (3.23 in)
Bore/stroke ratio0.93
Compression ratio9.00:1
Fuel consumption (city)Manufacturer spec: 5.4 L/100km (52 mpg - imperial)
Realistically: 8.3 - 8.8 L/100km (32 - 36 mpg - imperial)
Fuel consumptin (hwy)[statistic not available]

Transmission3-speed automatic
Steering systemPower assisted rack and pinion
Braking system, frontDisc
Braking system, rearDrum
Suspension, frontIndependent strut-type
Suspension, rearIndependent torsion bar
Wheels13 in x 4.5 in - steel
Tire size (front / rear)155R13-6LT / 155R13-6LT

Exterior dimensions (LxWxH)3480mm x 1595mm x 1860mm
(137.0 in x 62.8 in x 73.2 in)
Interior dimensions (LxWxH)1065mm x 1325mm x 1230mm
(41.9 in x 52.2 in x 48.4 in)
Wheel base2260mm (89.0 in)
Length-wheelbase ratio1.54
Track (front / rear)1395mm / 1340mm (54.9 in / 52.8 in)
Ground clearance165mm (6.5 in)
Curb vehicle weight950 kg (2094 lbs)
Gross vehicle weight1380 kg (3042 lbs)
Minimum steering radius4.7 m (185 in)
Fuel capacity40 litres (8.8 gallons - imperial) (10.6 gallons - U.S.)

Air conditioning
Remote electric tailgate lock
Side portal windows (option)
Electric canvas sunroof (option)
Halogen headlights
Folding rear seat (no restraints)
Large center mounted speedometer
High dash-mounted gear shift
Large flat writing surface on dash
Rated to haul up to 300 kg payload
Low rear payload floor for easy loading/unloading
Low cabin floor and large door openings for easy ingress/egress
Large flat side panels and tailgate - ideal for signage

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cargo gets Tuned in

Onwards and upwards,
Picking up on previous owners mess is proving to be testing at the best of times. A flat battery should be fairly simple to diagnose. But for me , the clunck was consistent, until the garage came out and put the keys in the ignition, can you guess what happened??
Brmmmm no problem, it started withiut problem, typical!!! But back at the workshop, a different story, i would not turn over, out went the alternator and we started again.

So far so good, it feels like I'm starting all over again, i've now done 3 days without problems and i'm getting closer to the thinking that this could work, so much so i treated the cargo to a nnew radio!

Time to start getting the coffee machine sorted this week, how will it go??

Keep tuned!

Snakes and Ladders

It's been a pretty bumpy ride so far but where on a journey that we can't stop until we get to our destination. Chucking it all in now? That would be too easy and who would take care of our loved one? I almost take more care of the cargo than the children, but i know and so do the children that it's going to be worth it, isn't it kids? They knod agreeingly, they're a bit young to understand yet but i think on side!

This week should have been the one that our Coffee business took "one giant leap for the cargo" and one more step for me! I'd arranged to take the cargo along with my business partner to Elmswell just north of Bury t Edmunds, suffolk to see a company called Coastline Graphics who create phenomenol vinyl wraps of vehicles to create a wrap for our van which as you can imagine would transform it almost beyond recognition.

The meeting went really well, James the designer had some great ideas, the straight sides made the project reasonably simple and helped with the cost. So now all we had to do was agree the design and book it in. We left it at that and sped off, sorry, trundled off back to Long Melford, with the small task of picking up a couple of christmas trees on the way. (yes i know "christmas trees, they were for putting on a building, not for our living room!)

The journey back was a very upbeat one, "i can't wait", "it's going to look amazing" "this van is going really well isn't it" We we're on a high, at last we were actually getting some where.

We pulled into Long Melford and stopped to collect the trees which we were only moving down the street, we could have walked really. So i turned off the engine and waited whilst my colleague went into get them. They fitted in the boot lovely, just the job, couldn't have been more prefect. "off we go then" I put the key in and turned the ignition...............clunk........clunk.....ohhhhhhhhh we go........ not again..... back down the ladder!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

S-Cargo is slow, but sure

Happy car’s name a subtle play on French word for snail

ROBERT K. ROONEY, for the Calgary Herald
Published: Friday, April 15, 2005

One of the most competitive automobile markets in the world is Japan.

With a host of manufacturers, a prosperous economy and a thriving car culture, the Japanese domestic market is filled with interesting vehicles of which most of the rest of the world knows little.

Michael Sorokowski, 38, and IT specialist, used to fit into that category. Three years ago, his friend looked into acquiring a front clip for a car he was restoring. Sorokowski and his friend discovered that it wouldn’t cost much more to import a whole car from Japan, and a business was born.

The cult status of many Japanese domestic market cars, especially the Nissan Skyline performance cars, meant the partners had an almost instant market. Soon, Sorokowski got the bug for a unusual machine of his own.

“Everyone else was bringing in sports cars. It wasn’t that unique any more,” he says. “I wanted something really different.”

What he got was a 1989 Nissan S-Cargo.

One of a group of very different, not to say eccentric, Nissan-based vehicles built by the Pike Factory in Japan, the S-Cargo bears a strong resemblance to the Citroen 2CV – considered one of the oddest-looking cars ever built.

Sorokowski explains the name has a double-meaning. “S meaning small, and cargo for cargo van is obvious,” he says.

“The whole look of the car matches the French word ‘escargot’ “ and the car has a number of subtle snail motifs worked into its trim.

Production figures on the S-Cargo are unclear, but estimates are that between 10,000 and 12,000 were built in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

With only 47,500 kilometers on it, Sorokowski’s find is low-mileage even by Japanese standards.

Powered by an early ‘80s Nissan Sentra 1.5-litre engine, the S-Cargo isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but Sorokowski didn’t buy it because of its performance. It is the undeniably individual style of the car which caught his attention.

From canvas top to the bug-eyed halogen lights – “they stick up because it looks like a snail” – to the wood-look bumpers and fender flares, nothing on Calgary’s streets looks quite like the S-Cargo.

“I was interested in the car itself,” he says.

“It wasn’t until I actually purchased it and brought it in that I realized there might be some promotional aspect. It’s more the interest, the unique look of it, plus the gas savings.” The S-Cargo got about 4.7 L/100 km (50 miles per gallon) – when it was running.

Sorokowski enjoyed the public’s reaction.

“It’s interesting because there would be people at a street corner. I’d come to a stop and they’d look at it and it would put a smile on their face. They’d even laugh. This car is a happy car.”

A careless driver running an intersection destroyed the S-Cargo this winter. No one was injured in the crash and Sorokowski plans to find and import a replacement for his happy car.

> See photo gallery of this car

Monday, November 20, 2006

Why is it allways a monday morning?

I can't remember learning so much about a vehicle since leaving school and my first car, a mini. I knew nothing about that car or any cars when i got it, but slowly i got to know every nut every weld every flake of rust.
The learning curve with the cargo is much steeper, and having lost the mechanical touch and a unwillingness to get oilly my local garage has taken a share of my bank account, but now i can get the vehicle straight in with out a wait!
having just got the cargo back on saturday and bean through that escapade i decided that this morning i would just take it to a small gargening job and show off!
but first i had to move it to make way so my wife could get out. No problem i'll be just a tick, confidently inserting the key and turning it over and over and over!
After pushing it back i booked back my usual space at the garage and set off for work in my other "reliable" truck.
Turns out there's a few electrical problems and a faulty relay was affecting the automatic choke keeping it full on. But boy does it go now!!
Just another monday morning, what will Tuesday bring a scary 20 mile trip to a graphic design centre to transform the cargo, i can't wait.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Living with a celebrity!

After my escaped with the petrol i drove through the middle of Sudbury to get some provisions, well wine actually. I parked up in the North Street the main through Sudbury and parked up for free, one of the few remaining towns in britain where you can, (unless you know different).
When i came back from the shops i could hear a group of people across the road the the cargo talking about it which is kind of amusing and flattering i suppose.

"it looks like knew", (if only they knew!) "what is it?" they asked as i got to the van, and so i explained, i can se i'm going to have to get used to the celebrity factor of the cargo, a strange phenoenom, but a pleasant one.

Never assume anything....

This Saturday saw the maiden voyage in my S-Cargo as i ventured into Sudbury, Suffolk after a lengthy spell in the garage. Still nervous that things wern't 100% all seemed to be going well until i reached "the" major T junction on the edge of Sudbury, sitting waiting to turn left and with a stack of traffic behind me i gently eased my foot onto the throttle pedal, i squeezed a bit harder and my heart sunk as the engine died, no mater how hard i pressed the pedal it just stopped.
The traffice queue seem to suddendly grow by a mile, drivers peering from there windows in a very stressed state meerkat, while i turned the engine over and over and over in a vein attempt to get started and off the T junction.
I checked the fuel guage, looked ok, just off empty, ok, hazards on, get the phone out, who'm i going call??
A very helpful chap offered to help me push the cargo back off the junction so that Sudbury could return to traffic normality, they don't do queue's!
After much under bonnet searching and checking and rechecking of leads, coil, cables etc, it had to be the petrol. Luckily a friend of mine came to the rescue we went and got some petrol, tipped it in and wham, off she went!!!
Never assume, I should have known better, so empty is when it's on the quarter mark, fair enough now i know!

Welcome Mike

A warm welcome to Mike Sorokowski from Calgary, Canada a fellow Nissan S Cargo owner and
one of the first people to import one of these beauties into Canada back in the summer of 2004.
Hitting the headlines, The Calgary Herald published an article about it in April 2005.

Mike's first S-Cargo was involved in an accident and sold the salvage to the owner of a men's wear shop, who then purchased a second S-Cargo from mike and is driving that one around as a company vehicle.
Mike then purchased a second S-Cargo and has been driving it around as a (mostly) daily driver.

Have you seen him??

Mike hopes to post articles, keep an eye out for some interesting articles.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When you really love something above all else then sometimes the heart rules the head! We've all done it and I'm a prime example.
Having fallen head over heals with the cargo the reality is starting to sink in, the passion is starting to take over my wallet. let's not forget this is a vehicle that is over 15 years old, so it's not in show room condition and the components are wearing thin, rapidly.
My own vehicle so far has required a water pump, sterring rack, speedo sensor, engine and we haven't finished yet!
But, are we going to rollover? No!!
I've found a great source of engine spares and information and would highly reccommend Andrew at
Tel01489 877770

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cargo provides tasty aroma to local business

Canada has been quite a big importer of Nissan s cargos and the latest story features a coffee distributor. Sam Jones said " I bought it because it looked cool" a not uncommon re action!
to read the whole story click the link

Window of opportunity for classic van

When the :Pike factory built the S Cargo in the late 1980's who could have known the impact it would have 15 years later. Now the cargos are a sought after advertising vehicle with Mc donalds owning over 100. A further design quirk was the porthole window in the rear panels which adds a classic twist.
The vehicle shown to the right is an example from sp motors in Newcastle.

Vital parts info keep it safe!

Obtaining parts for an import vehicle can be a struggle and when it's a vehicle that's not manufactured for over 15 years and you can be searching in the dark. so starting with some accurate information with will help you immensley. the information below is a technical list off all the useful details for our beloved nissan s cargo's. Enjoy.

Number of doors 3
dimensions & weight
Wheelbase 2260 mm 89 in

Track front 1395 mm 54.9 in
rear 1340 mm 52.8 in
Length 3480 mm 137 in
Width 1595 mm 62.8 in
Height 1835 mm 72.2 in
Length:wheelbase ratio 1.54
Ground clearance 165 mm 6.5 in
Kerb weight 950 kg 2094 lb
Weight distribution(Front)
Fuel capacity 40litres
8.8UK Gal
10.6US Gal
aerodynamics Drag coefficient
Frontal Area Cx
engine Code E15S
Type S-4
SOHC8 valves total2 valves per cylinder
Main bearings
Bore × stroke
76.00mm × 82.00mm 2.99 in × 3.23 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.93
1487 cc(90.742 cu in)
Unitary capacity
371.75 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio
Fuel system
1 carburettor
Compressor type N/A
Intercooler None
Catalytic Converter Y
Max. output
73 PS (72.0 bhp) (53.7 kW)@5600 rpm
Max. torque
116.0 Nm (86 lbft) (11.8 kgm)@3200 rpm
Maximum rpm
Coolant Water
Specific output 48.4 bhp/litre
0.79 bhp/cu in
Specific torque
78.01 Nm/litre
A value of -1 means that the car cannot attain that speed.
0-50mph (80 km/h)

80-120km/h(50-70mph)in top


Top speed
Fuel Consumption
CO2 Emissions
75.79 bhp/ton

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ensure your Nissan S Cargo is set in History.

We're searching the world to create the largest picture gallery of nissan s cargo's. Whether your in Southampton or San fran sisco send us you picture by posting or email with some brief info and we'll add them to our Nissan S cargo Hall of fame and your van will be part of history.

Welcome to the brand new Nissan S Cargo Blog


Nissan S Cargo's are such a loved Japenese vehicle that this Blog has been created for them.

Whether your an admirer an owner you can get involved. Do you have S cargo story's, pictures, do you use it for your business, what ever you do let's try and create a collection register.

Are you having trouble getting hold of spare parts, do you have spare parts for sale, this Blog could put you in touch.

I'm just in the process of getting one going for a business which I'll reveal in a later post, but to give you a hint of what's to come, it's been in the garage for a lot longer than i ever imagined!

But It'll come out in fine form and looking superb.

Would you like to contribute?? Please send a post and I'll set you up.

More to come soon...